Bantu FM Advertising

Why Advertising on Bantu FM makes sense. 

Having commercial spots on Bantu FM will allow you to reach a wide range of people globally, both on and off the  Motherland: Afrika. Market your products to people on the continent while also connecting with audiences in USA, Europe, the Carribean and beyond. 

By increasing your potential client base, small to medium business owners can take advantage of the of the lockdown to push their businesses online , while observing Social Distancing Regulations. Even physical business have had to adjust to the pandemic and as a result they are also turning to different marketing strategies. Online marketing being a key way to reach potential clients. 


As a way to welcome all new supporters into the family, Bantu FM is running a promotional offering with Special discounts to any new adverting clients who sign up during the month of SEPTEMBER... 

All advertising  packages include banner  placement on our website at 

Adverts will also be marketed on our social media pages. 

While tailor made packages can be created for clients upon request, we are offering 2 "LOCK-DOWN Low Down" Promotional  Packages 


Weekly   - $20 for 3 commercials a day + banner + social media ad 

Monthly - $50 for 3 commercials + banner + social media ad 

If you interested in joining our family and growing your clientele get in touch with Bantu FM Advertising 

NOTE: We also offer  in-house production of radio commercials and sponsored shows. 

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